On a Deeper, Personal Level

Let me introduce myself with a more personal touch.

I am Italian, indeed proudly southerner, by birth and cultural background. Yet, with an international heart, beating to the rhythm of the various time zones, without turning my back to the place where I belong. A region lit by sunshine and bright colours and spiced by the rich flavours of my southern land, sea and sky, with all their shades of green and blue, that have always guided me as my own personal compass,   along the paths of life. 

I have always cherished the dream of traveling the world and visiting new places, with a suitcase ready to be filled with new exciting experiences and stories to tell, eager to explore the world, to study and learn new foreign languages and cultures, and thus be able to communicate and chat away with people from other countries. 

At the beginning, I wasn’t simply interested in getting in touch with the rest of the world, but especially with a very important part of my family, residing overseas, in the US and Canada. 

I was born in a small mountain village in Calabria, in the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula, in the midst of stunning mountain landscapes, beautiful chestnut groves with bright red and yellow colours festooning chestnut trees in fall and snow-capped mountain forests inhabited by fairies. 

When I was still a little girl, together with my family, we moved further north, to a seaside town, Taranto, located in Apulia. A new region, a new home, disclosing new horizons, landscapes and flavours, and shaping a new mixed identity. 

The South


an international heart, beating to the rhythm of the various time zones






Dream of traveling the world







As lovers of Italian history and culture know very well, Italian regions, although small in their geographical extension, are quite diversified, in terms of a rich variety of cultural traditions and habits, dialects, landscapes, food and wine, due to their multifaceted century-old historical and geographical backgrounds. 

The following years of my life were all interspersed with numerous stays and language master courses abroad, in Europe (UK, France, Germany) and overseas, in Canada and in the United States.

After graduating from my Language High School, driven by the desire to become a full-fledged professional interpreter, I attended and graduated from the University of Trieste (Department of Modern Languages, Interpreting and Translation studies), which laid the foundation for my future career. 

This wonderful city, with its magnificent and unforgettable sunsets and a stunning blue sea, often swept by Bora, a strong northeastern wind, has conquered a special place in my heart. 

Yet, following the unexpected twists and turns of life and love, I finally landed in the city of Bologna, known as the Learned, the Fat and the Red, which has warmly and generously welcomed me, thus becoming my present home. 

I have often felt like a woman with a suitcase, always ready to be filled with new experiences, flavours and memories. 

I have always felt like having wings on my feet, always on the go, ready to pack and leave for new destinations. Always ready to leave and come back home, or simply about to start a new journey, even if only in my mind, a journey that may never actually be done.

Since I was a little girl I have often found myself daydreaming and suddenly waking up in faraway real or imaginary places, revealing the intensity of a young girl’s gaze on the world, lost in a sort of a parallel journey, in touch with a global community, networking words, worlds, languages, feelings, impressions, pictures and stories to be told.

Dream of traveling the world

a suitcase ready to be filled with new exciting experiences and stories to

Eager to learn new foreign languages and cultures

Numerous stays and language master courses abroad

University of Trieste

The Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation

Trieste: a special place in my heart

Bologna: my present home

An interpreter with a suitcase

Networking words, worlds, languages and stories

This is certainly one of the reasons why I have ended up becoming an interpreter. And you know what? I’m still deeply in love with my job! I still try my very best to do it not just professionally and successfully, but also passionately. 

It is no coincidence that #Ilovemyjob is one of my favourite slogans!

Being a sociable person, I also enjoy socializing with other people, and working together with my colleagues as a team.

A few key factors that have helped me achieve my main goals in my profession undoubtedly are good teamwork and leadership capacities, as well as organizational skills in managing projects and teams, driven by a spirit of collaboration, a deep sense of responsibility, a pragmatic and creative attitude. 

My desire is not merely satisfying, but indeed even delighting my customers with my professional services.

Passion for my job has always pushed me to live up to new challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

Interpreting is a job like no other. It certainly is highly challenging and demanding, but also extremely rewarding, offering unparalleled opportunities, disclosing the gates to a plurality of different worlds and outstanding people, who would have otherwise been precluded from an everyday routine life. 

In my life, I was taught that you should never wait for things to just happen. Indeed, you always need to commit yourself to pursue your dreams and to achieve your goals. It is true that once a specific target has been met, no matter how big or small, the sense of satisfaction is overwhelming, being fully aware of having achieved it with one’s own efforts. I am grateful for all the professional and personal goals achieved so far in my life, in spite of the undeniable difficulties sometimes encountered, but always overcome, with renewed energy.














Passion and commitment







This makes me think of a book I translated a few years ago on the Zodiac signs and, in particular, my astrological sign, the Capricorn, half goat and half dolphin: climbing undaunted along rugged and steep slopes, with slow stubbornness, determined to reach the summit; but also half dolphin, with its deep fluid, aquatic, communicative and joyful side … who knows, maybe this is also one of the reasons why I like Blue in all its shades, being the colour of the Sea, with all its deep shades and changing moods, yet also providing a sense of peace with the rest of the universe.

This is exactly the feeling I felt during an extreme underwater dive, at 100 meters’ depth in the Red Sea, where, totally immersed in the Blue open waters, along an underwater canyon, I felt in total fearless peace and harmony, despite the huge water column weighing on my head.

However, what really matters is not so much reaching the peak of a mountain or the depth of the sea, but at least trying, living with passion, being committed and doing things with dedication, aiming at the goal that has been set, regardless of the ultimate result, which will actually be achieved.

Blue is also the colour representing Communication. It is probably no coincidence that Blue is the colour chosen for The Interpreters logo, which stands for a sound wave propagating through air or water, enabling communication to happen.




The Interpreters’ Voice






The Interpreters


Hence, let me be, along with my “Dream Team”, your “Team Leader”: I will be more than happy to take care of your international projects, with all the necessary passion and commitment, to ensure fluent communication. 

Communication, just like a musical wave, harmoniously spreads, by linking words and worlds, bridging the language gap, beyond barriers, through The Interpreters’ Voice. 

Let’s thus give voice to The Interpreters!