Remote Simultaneous interpreting (RSI)

for digital, online and hybrid, live and streaming meetings and webinars

Are you looking for a Simultaneous or Consecutive Remote Interpreting service for your international multilingual online, offline or hybrid events, meetings, live events, webinars, web conferences or conference calls with your international business partners?

  • Why giving up on your missions abroad or meetings with your international business partners? No problem. We will advise you in the best possible way in choosing the webconference platform that best suits your needs, also taking into account your preferences, to deliver simultaneous or consecutive remote interpreting services. Nothing easier, all in one click!


  • Simultaneous interpretation can be delivered out through various dedicated platforms:
  • RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) platforms: Modern technologies allow to deliver brilliant results with the same effectiveness and quality of a face-to-face simultaneous translation service, through various dedicated web-based RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) platforms, for your online virtual events, through a simple App, from your device (smartphone / tablet / pc / laptop) or directly from the browser.


  • RSI Hubs: i.e. dedicated IT technical studios, fully equipped for the provision of remote simultaneous interpreting services for online virtual events.


The Interpreters: a Team of professional interpreters at your full disposal ready to provide you with all the support and guidance you need to deliver the most suitable and effective language and technical solutions for your online virtual events, as well as your offline and/or hybrid onsite meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting (SI)

  • Simultaneous interpreting also known as Simultaneous interpretation or Simultaneous translation an interpretation mode in which the interpreter translates the speech delivered by a speaker, from the source language to the target language, in real-time, with a minimum time lag, defined as décalage. The speaker’s speech is broadcast to the interpreter who sits in a sound-proof booth. The interpreter listens and translates simultaneously into a microphone. The interpretation is then transmitted to the event attendees wearing headphones.


  • Oversound Simultaneous interpretation can also be broadcast live to large audiences, without any headset requirements. 


  • Simultaneous interpretation can also be provided by means of a Tour-guide interpretation system, also commonly referred to as bidule (namely, a portable interpretation system that consists of a radio transmitter and headsets). it is an ideal and effective solution for meetings with a small number of delegates and for on-the-move study visits and trips.

Consecutive interpreting & chuchotage

Consecutive interpreting:

It is a mode of interpreting in which the speaker makes a speech whilst the interpreter listens, while normally standing or sitting close to the speaker, uses a pad and pen to take notes. Then, after a few sentences, the speaker pauses and waits for the interpreter to deliver the message into the target language for the audience, before continuing with their speech.

The Consecutive interpretation service is generally applicable to short conferences with a limited number of participants, workshops, lectures, study visits, classes, training courses, business meetings, press conferences, interviews, court depositions, medical interviews, book presentations


Chuchotage or Whispered Interpreting: 

An interpreting modality in which the interpreter translates simultaneously, whispering in the ear of one or max. 2 listeners, allowing them to follow the proceedings of a conference in a foreign language, without any technical help.

Chuchotage, reserved for a small number of listeners, is normally combined with consecutive interpreting, which is instead aimed at a wider audience.


Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpreting, or business-to-business interpreting, is a bilateral or dialogic interpreting mode, in which the interpreter assists the client and ensures interaction and communication between a limited number of people, who speak in turn in their own language, during a business meeting, a technical training, a field or study visit, or a business trip. The interpreter translates sequentially by more or less short sentences, which may, or may not, involve note-taking.

It is the ideal solution for:

  • Business meetings;
  • Business trips;
  • Technical training courses;
  • Field or factory visits; B2B meetings;
  • Contract negotiations.

Language & Event Consulting

The Interpreters: a Team of experts with a longstanding experience at your full service to advise and assist you in the best possible way, to ensure integrated and customized language, technical-organizational solutions, best suited to your needs, delivering all the necessary support for the organization of your international multilingual online, offline and hybrid events

Our priority is to deliver highly qualified integrated services, aimed at ensuring an effective communication, with professionalism, dynamism and dedication, complying with the five C’s rule: Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Concreteness, Commitment.

The following services are available:

  • Management and coordination of highly qualified, expert, professional conference interpreters’ teams, specializing in various languages and subjects, suited to your specific needs, for your international multilingual events. 
  • Delivery of technical training sessions, sharing of glossaries and technical documentation to enable interpreters to get ready for any type of assignment.
  • Guidance in the choice of the most suitable customized technological and IT solutions and rental of technical equipment for simultaneous translation, both onsite and online, including: 
  • Traditional simultaneous translation equipment (soundproof booths equipped with interpreter control consoles, headsets, microphones, and headphones for the audience, technical service throughout the entire duration of the event, onsite, at the conference venue, or online.
  • RSI (remote Simultaneous Interpreting) web-based platforms (different options available).
  • Tourguide system, also commonly referred to as bidule. The Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D system is used, namely a digital, portable simultaneous interpretation system, (including high-quality sound, bodypack receivers and headphones & microphone). The whole system is designed for ease of use. Its intelligent technology ensures absolutely simple handling. The system is quickly set-up for operation, receiver channels can be synchronized at the push of a button.
    Ideal for both outdoor and indoor guided tours and workshops.
  • RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) web-based platforms are available, enabling remote simultaneous translation for online events (of any type, size, number of participants and number of language translation channels, in meeting and webinar mode). 
  • Partnership with reliable suppliers for the provision of various congress services, such as, catering, hostess and technical services.

Translation services:

Management and execution of written translation projects (in a broad range of subjects, including business, legal, financial, banking, insurance, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific, political, literary, advertising and academic subjects, to name only a few, also with the support of CAT TOOLS.

Extensive and multi-year professional experience in a broad range of subjects.

The translation of texts requires a thorough knowledge of both the source and target language, acquisition of sector-specific terminology, sensitivity, competence and accuracy.

Confidentiality regarding the contents of translated documents is a must.

Accurate translation of several types of documents, such as:

  • academic texts
  • art exhibition catalogues
  • articles and documents 
  • balance sheets
  • business reports
  • company policies
  • company profiles
  • contracts
  • deeds of incorporation,
  • European projects
  • financial statements
  • financial, banking, insurance reports
  • literary texts
  • marketing and advertising brochures
  • medical papers 
  • minutes of meetings
  • patents
  • scientific papers and texts
  • technical manuals and specifications
  • technical texts
  • web sites
  • etc.